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What Others Say

“SRCP Media is a tremendous strategic asset to any organization…Thoughtful, creative and deeply experienced, the team at SRCP knows exactly what it takes to win when the opposition says it can’t be done.”
Ashlee Rich Stephenson, Vice President & National Political Director, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
“The ad campaign they designed was creative but disciplined, forwarding our arguments for a yes vote while effectively counterpunching against an opposition that spent more than $25 million to try and defeat Question 1.”
Bill Hanvey, President & CEO, Auto Care Association
“On election day, all four ballot measures were defeated by margins of roughly 70%–30%. The reason: the media produced by SRCP.”
Tom Whatman, Campaign Manager, Ohio First Coalition
“SRCP was a key component of one of the most successful strategic media campaigns we have executed in recent memory.”
W. Henson Moore, President & CEO, American Forest & Paper Association
“Their work was exceptional. Their ads tapped into the hearts of voters. We went from being behind 2 to 1 to winning by a 3 to 1 margin.”
Abby Holman, Campaign Manager, NO on 2
“They are true professionals. Creative. Responsive. And absolutely accessible. In my 30 years in public policy, I haven’t worked with a better firm.”
Dana Connors, President, Maine State Chamber of Commerce
“…their listening and subsequent creativity and quality of their ads won us the campaign.”
Dana Lee, Chairman, Citizens to Reduce Local Property Taxes Statewide
“They were available around the clock through the duration of the campaign. Many political veterans believe they created the most effective ads of any issue campaign in Maine.”
Maria Fuentes, Campaign Manager, Yes on 4 & 6.
Our come-from-behind victory wouldn’t have been possible without the work of SRCP. It was amazing to see how quickly the issue turned in our favor once their ads hit their airwaves.”
Dennis Bailey, Executive Director, CASINOSNO!
“The high quality workmanship of SRCP really makes your ads cut through the clutter. This firm is one of the most effective in the industry.”
Mike Cys, Political and Legislative Grassroots, American Medical Association
“Fantastic. Strategic. Creative. Those are words I often use to describe the work we have done with SRCP.”
Rose B. Cummings, Vice President, Corporate Communications & Chief of Staff, FairPoint Communications, Inc.
“Somebody really clever designed those ads.”
One of our opponents!
“They performed a miracle for us. And their focus on details astounded me.”
Edie Smith, Campaign Manager, NO on 1
“They developed the most creative and effective media campaign I have ever seen.”
Jeff Romano, Executive Director, Small Woodland Owners’ Association
“What turned the campaign was a television ad”
Akron Beacon Journal
“Authenticity that is effective”
Portland Press Herald
“The right political strategy…vigorous advertising”
The New York Times



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