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SRCP’s experience is unmatched. Our team has worked with corporations and campaigns at the highest levels. We provide our clients with sound strategic advice to achieve one simple goal: winning.

But our experience goes beyond that. Our team also has decades of advertising experience. We use this expertise to deliver effective ad campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

From day one, the SRCP team will be devoted to taking your unique story and translating it into impactful, compelling advertising using the most cutting-edge technology and talent in the industry.

With a fully staffed media department, SRCP is prepared to handle today’s fragmented media environment – including TV, OTT, digital, radio and print. Our buyers have experience across all platforms. Media placement is the largest budget line item for any campaign. Our team will protect those dollars and put them to the best possible use.

SRCP is also ready to help you deliver your messages and remain disciplined when handling tough questions.

We offer nationally recognized coaching and counsel to bring out the best in any spokesperson, so you can confidently and effectively deliver your message in any setting. Our training includes media coaching, speechwriting, public speaking and debate preparation.



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